Helping you cut costs and save money

If you can find another cleaning company, offering the same high levels of service anywhere in Lancashire to better our quote, we will price match them and give you an additional 10% discount on top.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our cleaning services, call us within 24 hours and we will return and re-clean all/any areas that you are dissatisfied with. No questions, no quibbles.

Price Match Policy:

Ambient Cleaning’s commit to matching our prices (for cleaning services only) with rival service providers that could reasonably be assessed as offering similar quality service levels and that adhere to relevant professional standards. The companies must meet the following criteria for price matching purposes. They must be VAT registered and possess a valid vat registration number. They must have and be able to offer the same availability and timing schedules as Ambient Cleaning at the time of the requested or provisional booking. Evidence of the rival service provider’s pricing must be presented in writing, either as a written quotation or a current price list. Ambient Cleaning can not price match against price estimates, as these may be subject to substantial upward revisions. We can not price match against special offers, all comparisons must be made against standard prices. We will require the full office address of the company concerned (not a PO box or mailing address) or a company registration number in order to validate the price match request. The rival service provider must offer similar payment options and terms, we can not price match with rival operators that only accept cash or with operators who are not registered for tax purposes. Ambient Cleaning reserves the right to refuse a price matching request with rival operators where we suspect that their offers are either not genuine, not commercially viable or where the prices are artificially low by means of subsidy.